Négret pounjut N
Name of the variety in France
Négret pounjut
Négret Pounjut probably comes from the Garonne valley, the wine-growing region of Fronton and Lavilledieu. Based on genetic analyses carried out in Montpellier, it would be closely related to Prunelard.
There is no officially recognized synonym in France nor in the other countries of the European Union, for this variety.
Legal information
In France, Négret Pounjut is officially listed in the "Catalogue of vine varieties" since 2020 on the A list and classified.
Wine grape variety.
Descriptive elements
The identification is based on:
- the tip of the young shoot with a very high density of prostrate hairs,
- the green young leaves with bronze spots and a medium to high density of prostrate hairs,
- the red-striped shoots,
- the adult leaves with five, seven or nine lobes, deep club-shaped lateral sinuses with often a tooth inside, a closed petiole sinus with overlapping or very overlapping lobes, medium to long teeth compared their width at the base with straight sides, a weak anthocyanin coloration, an involute finely blistered leaf blade, and on the lower side of the leaves, a low density of erect hairs and a medium density of prostrate hairs,
- the ellipsoid or ovoid berries, with a peak at the tip of the hilum.
Genetic profile
Allel 1 141 223 239 176 188 240 254 233 249
Allel 2 149 236 262 182 202 260 262 267 251
Bud burst: same as Chasselas.
Grape maturity: early-season, 1 week after Chasselas.
Suitability for cultivation and agronomic production
Négret pounjut has a semi-erect bearing. It is a very vigorous but not very fertile variety, so it is best to prune it long.
Susceptibility to diseases and pests
This variety is particularly sensitive to powdery mildew. It is also susceptible to grey rot.
Technological potentiality
Négret pounjut's bunches are small and moderately compact. The berries are small to medium in size, with a simple flavor, a moderately thick skin and a juicy pulp. The berries have a low sugar and acid accumulation potential. The Négret pounjut red wines are light, not very colored, fruity (strawberries) and with very supple tannins. This variety is also used to produce rosé wines.
Clonal selection in France
There is no certified clone for this variety yet.
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