Brachet N
Name of the variety in France
This variety is specific to Alpes-Maritimes vineyards.
In France, this variety can officially be called "Braquet" regarding plant propagation material.
Legal information
In France, Brachet is officially listed in the "Catalogue of vine varieties" on the A list and classified.
Wine grape variety.
Evolution of cultivated areas in France
1958 1979 1988 2000 2008 2018
ha 11 18 33 6 11 13
Descriptive elements
The identification is based on:
- the tip of the young shoot with a high density of prostrate hairs,
- the green young leaves,
- the adult leaves with seven lobes, U-shaped and overlapping lateral sinuses, an open petiole sinus, long teeth with straight or convex sides, no anthocyanin coloration of veins, a blistered twisted leaf blade with slightly revolute edges, and on the lower side of the leaves, a medium density of erect and prostrate hairs,
- the round-shaped berries.
Genetic profile
Allel 1 131 223 239 176 188 252 240 243 237
Allel 2 133 223 249 182 200 260 254 257 255
Bud burst: 3 days after Chasselas.
Grape maturity: mid-season, 3 weeks and a half after Chasselas.
Suitability for cultivation and agronomic production
This variety must be grown in hot, dry and not very fertile areas. It needs to be pruned short and sufficiently trained.
Susceptibility to diseases and pests
Brachet is very susceptible to grey rot.
Technological potentiality
The bunches are large and berries are medium in size. Brachet wines are generally well appreciated, fine and aromatic. However, their color is often insufficient and that is why yields must be limited to avoid this inconvenience.
Clonal selection in France
There is no certified clone for this variety yet. Surveys have recently been carried out in the wine-growing region of Bellet (French department of Alpes-Maritimes).
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