Nemadex Alain Bouquet
Name of vine variety in France (and common name)
Nemadex Alain Bouquet (There is no other name used to refer to this variety.)
Breeder and year of obtention
INRA, 1987.
Genetic origin
This variety was derived from the crossbreeding of the hybrid F1 (VMH 8771) of Vitis vinifera (Cabernet-Sauvignon x Alicante Henri Bouschet) and Muscadinia rotundifolia (NC 184-4), and 140 Ruggeri.
Evolution of areas under rootstock nurseries
Rank 20
ha 4
Estimated surface area of French vineyards grafted with this rootstock and the main areas of use
10 ha.
Ampelographic description
Identification signs include:
-the tip of the young shoot is open and has a slight coat of flat-lying hairs and young green leaves with bronze patches, 
- the shoots have an absence of flat-lying and upright hairs,
- adult leaves are small to moderate size, kidney shaped, whole with an open to very open U-shaped petiolar sinus, short teeth compared to width at base, convex sides, smooth leaf blade, not very thick, slightly frizzy on the edges and upturned on the petiolar sinus lobes, low anthocyanin pigmentation of veins and the underside with an absence of flat-lying hairs and a very slight coat of upright hairs,
- hermaphrodite flowers,
- the berries are very small, round-shaped with a blusih black skin and slightly colored pulp with a foxy taste,
- the vine shoots are dark brown in color.
Genetic profile
Allel 1 135 238 231 236 214 258 236 0 249
Allel 2 149 243 245 238 214 260 238 0 251
Resistance to soil parasites
Nemadex Alain Bouquet has a very high tolerance to  radicicolae phylloxera. It likewise displays a partial resistance to the nematodes Xiphinema index and which in the vineyards delays infection and slow down fan-leaf virus contamination.
Adapt to environment
Nemadex Alain Bouquet resists up to 15% of active limestone and a CPI of 30. Its resistance to ferric chlorosis is thus low to moderate. This rootstock is sensitive to temporary excess humidity in the spring and it displays low resistance to drought.
Interaction with grafts and production objectives
Nemadex Alain Bouquet vigor is rather low and produces moderate yields.
Aptitudes for plant propagation
Nemadex Alain Bouquet has bushy upright growth with short internodes. Wood production is consequently very low (10 to 30 000 m/ha). Propagation by cuttings and grafting capacities are moderate to good.
Resistance to aerial parasites
Nemadex Alain Bouquet is not very susceptible to gallicolae phylloxera.
Clonal selection in France
The only approved Nemadex Alain Bouquet clone carries the number 1163.