Précoce de Malingre B
Name of vine variety in France
Précoce de Malingre
This vine variety was obtained in the Paris region by M. Malingre during the 19th century. Base on genetic analyses carried out in Montpellier,  Précoce de Malingre B is derived from the crossbreeding of Bicane B and Pinot.
There are no officially recognized synonyms for thsi vine variety in France.In Germany, Précoce de Malingre B can officially be called by the names "Früher Malingre" and "Malinger".
In France, Précoce de Malingre B is
officially listed in the "Catalogue of vine varieties".
This vine variety is likewise listed in the Catalogues of other European Union member states: Germany and Denmark.
Wine vine variety
Evolution of area under vines in France
ha 0.5
Identification signs include:
- the tip of the young shoots has a sparse coat of flat-lying hairs,
- the young leaves are yellow,
- adult leaves are light green, 5 lobes with an open petiolar sinus, deep lateral sinuses, long teeth compared to width at base, straigt sides; an absence of anthocyanin coloration of veins, a jagged leaf blade and the underside with an absence of upright and flat-lying hairs,
- elliptical or ovoid-shaped berries.
Genetic profile
Allel 1 135 225 239 176 188 246 238 233 251
Allel 2 135 236 243 186 194 256 254 235 271
Bud burst: same as Chasselas.Grape maturity: early, 1/2 week before.
Suitability for cultivation and agronomic production
Précoce de Malingre B is not very vigorous and must be short pruned and carefully disbudded.
Sensitivity to diseases and pests
Précoce de Malingre B is not very susceptible to fungal diseases but the berries are frequently attacked by wasps.
Technological potential
Grape clusters are small and the berries are small to moderate in size. Précoce de Malingre B has strong sugar accumulation potential in the berries. It produces wines with good alcohol-acidity balance but with somewhat heavy aromas.
Clonal selection in France
There are no approved clones for this vine variety at the present time.
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