Gamaret N
Name of vine variety in France
This variety was obtained in 1970 at the Changins station in Switzerland and is the result of the crossbreeding between Gamay N and Reichensteiner B.
In France, Gamaret N is officially listed in the "Catalogue of vine varieties".

This variety is likewise listed in the Catalogue of Italy.
Wine grape variety.
Evolution of area under vines in France
ha 38
Identification signs include:
- the tips of the young shoots are densely covered with flat-lying hairs,
- young leaves are green or yellow,
- orbicular or wedge-shaped adult leaves, whole or 3 or 5-lobed with an open or slightly open V-shaped petiolar sinus; small short teeth with straight sides, absence of anthocyanin coloration of veins, slightly bubbled leaf blade; underside is slightly covered with flat-lying hairs,
- round-shaped or slightly elliptical-shaped berries.
Genetic profile
Allel 1 131 225 239 178 194 242 238 216 239
Allel 2 149 232 257 178 194 260 248 247 263
Bud burst: 2 days after Chasselas.Grape maturity: period II, 2 weeks after Chasselas.
Suitability for cultivation and agronomic production
Gamaret N is a fairly vigorous variety, steady fertility with semi-erect to horizontal growth. Short pruning is preferred and this variety must be trained. Somewhat susceptible to drought and under conditions susceptible to water stress. The choice of rootstock must be taken into account.
Sensitivity to diseases and pests
Gamaret N is not very susceptible to grey rot, but on the other hand is a little sensitive to downy and  powdery mildew.
Technological potential
Gamaret N clusters are small to medium size and low to medium compactnesss. The berries are likewise small to medium size. Sugar accumulation potential is moderate to good for medium acidity. Gamaret is well adapted for whole grape wine making and at full ripeness this vine variety produces balanced, reserve quality wine and is well appreciated for its color and structure.
Clonal selection in France
The only approved Gamaret N clone carries the number 1117.
Bibliographic references
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Description of clones approved in France
Identity and availability Agronomic data Technical data
Clone number Origin Selection Fertility Production level Sugar content Potential color
Year approved Agronomic references Weight of grape clusters Vigor Total acidity Tannic structure
Growing surface area Size of berries Sensitivity to Botrytis Aromatic intensity Oenological aptitudes
1117  Suisse  Sicarex Beaujolais - IFV        
 2008  Beaujolais        
Clone conforms to variety characteristics