Carignan gris G
Name of vine variety in France
Carignan gris
This variety corresponds to the grey mutation of Carignan.
There is no officially recognized synonym in France nor in the other countries of the European Union, for this variety.
In France, Carignan gris is officially listed in the "Catalogue of vine varieties" since 2017 on the A list but is not yet classified.
Wine grape variety.
Evolution of area under vines in France
ha 1.4
The description corresponds to that of Carignan, except for the skin color of the berries when ripe, which is in this case is grey.
Genetic profile
Allel 1 141 223 239 178 186 252 240 247 249
Allel 2 143 225 239 182 188 260 254 257 251
Bud burst: 12 days after Chasselas.
Grape maturity: very late season, 6 weeks after Chasselas.
Suitability for cultivation and agronomic production
Carignan gris has an erect bearing and is resistant to wind. This variety is well adapted to poor soils and to water stress conditions. It should preferentially be pruned short, gobelet or cordon de Royat training systems.
Sensitivity to diseases and pests
As the black and white version, Carignan gris is very sensitive to powdery mildew.
Technological potential
Carignan gris' bunches are medium in size, often winged and rather compact. The aromatic profile may vary a lot depending on the terroir. This variety produces alcoholic wines that can be a show some bitterness.
Clonal selection in France
The only certified Carignan gris clone carries the number 1261.
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Description of clones approved in France
Identity and availability Agronomic data Technical data
Clone number Origin Selection Fertility Production level Sugar content Potential color
Year approved Agronomic references Weight of grape clusters Vigor Total acidity Tannic structure
Growing surface area Size of berries Sensitivity to Botrytis Aromatic intensity Oenological aptitudes
1261  Hérault  CA 34 - IFV